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The Purp Cannabis Seeds Regular



The Purp Cannabis Seeds Regular

Very high in its THC and CBD

  • Has a great yield
  • Works great as a sedative

The Purp Cannabis Seeds Regular is a hybrid Kush also called Purp Cannabis. These seeds produce big buds, which are 70% indica and 30% sativa. They are so drenched in trichomes and resin that you can see the potency on the flowers. Fans enjoy its minty, fruity, citrusy taste, and strong, pungent aroma.

This top-shelf feminized strain of cannabis has sedative properties, making it a good evening or nighttime smoke. Its high is intense, but you remain able to socialize. With both high THC and high CBD properties, this tall, high-yielding plant has both recreational and medicinal benefits. Purp Cannabis is fast-flowering and can be grown both indoors and outdoors, in Mediterranean, sunny conditions.



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