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Sidekick Vaporizer


  • 21 Heat Settings
  • Stirring Capability
  • Vibration Notification
  • Elegant Ergonomic Design
  • Anodized Aluminum Housing
  • 18″ Vortex Vapor Cooling Path
  • Hand-Blown Glass Mouthpiece
  • Large. 25 Gram Capacity Chamber
  • Digital Temperature Control (100degree-455degreeF)
  • Removable/Replaceable Lithium-ion Batteries
  • Conduction/Convection Hybrid Heating System
  • Ceramic Heating Chamber/Ceramic Encased Heating
  • Element


The Sidekick Vaporizer made by the experts over at 7th floor. It is a new, powerful and strong/durable portable herbal vaporizer. It has an advanced OLED settings to display the current temperature of the herbal chamber, the intended temperature you want to vape at and the battery level. The entire vaporizer is built out of high quality stainless steel, you will notice the difference in durability from all the resistant materials that the SideKick uses like the stainless steel frame, the all glass vaporization path and the powerful but precise convection heating system makes the SideKick a great start when buying a portable vaporizer.

7th Floor SideKick Design 
The Sidekick Vaporizer has a very elegant and powerful design made out of complete and durable stainless steel with a heavy, compact and durable feel to it when holding it. It is small enough to fit inside the palm of your hand, store in your pocket or take it on a trip while traveling. The Aestitics to the SideKick are superior quality, functioning the device for the temperature settings is very seamless. You can remove the rechargeable battery and replace it for a new one or put it on the charging dock and let it fully charge. When you reveal the herbal chamber you will see it is a full ceramic chamber with a deep area to fill your herbs.




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