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OG Kush Cannabis Seeds Regular



OG Kush Cannabis Seeds Regular

OG Kush Cannabis Seeds Regular is available in both Feminised and Regular Cannabis Seeds.

is one of our favourite Rare Dankness Strain. It has great Genetics, it’s great to look at and the high is more powerful than most Strains.

An Indica dominant Strain that has a great yield and a solid sturdy plant structure. Buds are easy to trim (bonus if your doing a lot) and exotic looking with flecks of colours. Lemons are the dominant flavour and aroma with a slight kush like diesel aftertaste.

he is highly potent. Whilst the high is Indica and deeply relaxing it is not advised for novices. Due to the pure strength of the smoke. If consumed in large amounts or by a novice smoker the end result will probably be whitey then bed.

Genetics: Triangle Kush X Rare Dankness #1
Mostly Indica
Sex: Feminised or Regular
Flowering Time: Indoors: 50 – 65 days Outdoors: September

Medicinal: AnxietyPainDepression


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