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Mazar Cannabis Seeds Autoflower



Mazar Cannabis Seeds Autoflower

Mazar Cannabis Seeds Autoflower is one of 6 new Strains from Heavyweight Seeds. It offers a very potent high that has a deeply physical effect and can quite literally knock you off you feet. Extreme impact indeed!

Mazar Cannabis Seeds Autoflower have produced some real knock-out Strains and Auto Extreme Impact is definitely no  different. It produces large yields of Indica dominant buds that are fat, sticky and extremely smelly. Lemons and Limes will tickle your taste buds and coat your mouth with a cotton mouth experience never to be forgotten. A very refreshing taste that lingers for a long time. Warning when smoking/ growing Auto Auto Extreme Impact a carbon filter is required. Unless you want everyone smelling your dank.

The high is very physical and very hard hitting. An immense powerful rush will work it’s way around your body chilling out every single muscle and limb. Expect a deep physical high that leaves you in a deep slumber. Heavyweight Seeds have used their flagship Strain Fast and Vast and crossed this to a Mazar Auto. Flowering time is very respectable 8 weeks from seed germination.

Genetics: Mazar Auto x Fast and Vast Auto
Mostly Indica
Sex: Auto Feminised
THC Content: 21%
CBD Content: 0.6%
Yield: Indoors: 650 gm2 Outdoors: 50 – 150 grams per plant
Plant Height 70 – 80 cm
Flowering Time: 8 weeks from germination
Harvest Month: 8 weeks from germination

Mazar Cannabis Seeds Autoflower is an Indoor and Outdoor Auto that is easy to grow and highly mould and pest resistant. Indoor, Outdoors or in a greenhouse either way the results will be Extreme. Happy growing

Medicinal: AnxietyPainDepression


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